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Welcome to Begin Brilliantly. Allow us to introduce ourselves!

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Our Story

As a mother of 3 children and early years’ educator, I shared in the excitement of their first day of school. I knew all the wonderful things they were about to embark on and I wanted them to share my passion for learning. What I wasn’t prepared for was their failure.

By term two of her very first year at school, my eldest child began experiencing anxiety and stress, which led to stay at home days. It was then, that I decided this was not going to happen again in my family or to anyone else’s children. I began to research the cause and effect of an unsuccessful transition into school.

I am pleased to say that over the past decade, I have nurtured and refined a school readiness program that delivers the skills and competencies for every child to experience success at school. I want to share this success with you and your child. I want you to take comfort in knowing that you are truly supporting your child’s successful transition into school through our Begin Brilliantly program.

Jo-Anne Lee

Bach of Ed; Mast. of Ed; Specialising in Literacy

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Meet Our Educator

Hello, and welcome to my classroom. I am a dedicated Early Years and Primary Educator working with the Department of Education for most of my career. Developing confident children and supporting a smooth transition into school life has become my passion.

I have three successful adult children and understand the desire you have, to ensure your child not only succeeds, but also enjoys their educational journey.

My online classroom is designed to optimise success right for the very beginning of their educational journey and support them right through to their final years and onto university. We aspire to create a love for life-long education within your child.

Welcome, again, into my classroom,

– Jo-Anne Lee

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